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Whiskey Row

60-90 minutes

Ages 12+

2-4 players (5, 6, 7 or 8 with teams.)


"I played it because it had a Wild West Prescott theme, but quickly noticed that regardless of the theme, the mechanics of the game held their own. It was fun and engaging till the end. It was just the right amount of strategy—not too light—not to heavy. It plays uniquely different every time and is perfect for game night."     -LDT

" This game is way fun!! So challenging it’s addictive!! Even when I’m losing I’m enjoying the challenge!    -Barbara P

"This is a blast  to play and you'll have a lot of interaction at the table. I've played it with both 6 players and 2 players and it was equally fun."  -Becky H

"It's fairly simple to learn.  After a few rounds of play I discovered it had a surprising amount of strategy. Played it many times already with my friends. It's our new favorite 'go-to' game."  -Anne P

"This is one of the funnest games I've ever played."   - Brad C                   

The game is based on a true American West landmark- Prescott Arizona's Whiskey Row!

In this Wild West town the stakes are high as every last one of you worthless lawbreakers are WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE for reckless and criminal behavior and are fugitives on the run. You must navigate the dangerous streets surrounding the Courthouse in order gather your posse together, escape capture and rule the town. Your posse of fugitives will attempt to round up reluctant and disloyal accomplices—trying to keep them in tow to accomplish their ill-conceived agendas. Beware, your accomplices can be taken from you at any moment, you may be hauled off to jail or even challenged to a duel.


The Wild West in 1879 was ripe with lawlessness. But in the vast Arizona wilderness the town of Prescott grew even wilder. A row of saloons cropped up and took over an entire street. They coined it "Whiskey Row."

After much drinking and gambling, reckless and criminal behavior ensued. The townsfolk dueled it out with their six shooters on the dusty streets—each acting as judge and jury. The souls of those shot in cold blood haunted the town.

With opposing ill-conceived agendas, the townsfolk divided into four renegade posses: 

The unruly CITIZENS, 

The dishonest MERCHANTS, 

The brutal OUTLAWS 

& The corrupt local LAW.

The U.S. Marshal and the Judge blanketed the town with WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE posters. 

But for those willing to surrender, they promised protection en route to the county courthouse and jail—an ominous structure that loomed in central square.

The fugitives emerged from their hideouts...but not to surrender.

 Instead, they set out to render their rival posses useless. They took each other's members, often at gunpoint, and forced them into being accomplices for their own posse. With strength in numbers they could evade capture and rule the town.

As history has it, only one renegade posse succeeded at this feat. But which posse was it?

Capture reluctant accomplices.




Challenge players to a duel.


Move through haunted tunnels.


Is Whiskey Row a drinking game?

Heavens NO .  .  .

But this IS, of course, the Wild West, so drinking may be a creative option among adults, as well as bribery of all sorts for any age. 

"The ladies' fire and brimstone of the Old West had no impact on Whiskey row. And missionaries sometimes raided Whiskey Row saloons in an attempt to get whiskey drinkers to sign an abstinence pledge like the one shown below." (excerpt taken from the book "Prescott's Original Whiskey Row" by Bradley Courtney.) 


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Whiskey Row now also available at 'Game On'

Whiskey Row now available at GAME ON.


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