Whiskey Row

A Wild West Strategy Game

Look below to find out which historic Prescott establishments have made it on the game board!

Whiskey Row Game, Elks Theatre, Hotel St Michaels, Hassayampa Inn, Hotel Vendone, Sharlot Hall

"Walk" around the Courthouse...OR RUN...as you are all WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE!

Experience Prescott's historic Whiskey Row as you play the game—run from the law down Gurley Street, escape from the Courthouse jail, travel the haunted tunnels and duel to the death on Whiskey Row. 

Look below to learn all there is to know about the historic saloons, hotels and merchant buildings around the Courthouse that you see on the board and find links to their websites. We hope you patron their establishments to get a true taste of the American Wild West.

The historic bars and saloons on the game board...

The historic haunted hotels on the game board....

Other historic sites in the game around the Courthouse Plaza


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Special thanks to Bradley Courtney, author of "Prescott's Original Whiskey Row," for helping Whiskey Row to become the best Wild West board game in town!

The book "Prescott's Original Whiskey Row," authored by historian Bradley Courtney, is a must read for those interested in discovering the fascinating history and intriguing tales behind the makings of Whiskey Row. Although legend has its place, you may discover that the truth may be even more compelling.

Signed copies are available by contacting the author at whiskeyrowbooks@gmail.com